We launched a profitable partnership program for instant earnings

Upon the sale of any goods or services, every entrepreneur wants to increase sales. In this regard, most manufacturers and vendors make it possible to enter into a partnership agreement with everyone. Partners recommend goods, of course, for a fee. Affiliate is one of the variants of cooperation between entrepreneurs and those who want to have extra income.

Our service offers this feature, with which you can earn an income, while not spending their money. In addition, you may not have your website – just look for the advertising platforms, which will be promoting our service.

Duration of action is limited! Do not miss the opportunity to earn!

How it works

Sign up for our service, and then you will be able to a unique referral link you will be assigned. Clicking on it, the user gets on our resource. Link connects every new visitor to your account that allows you to earn money.

Sometimes DOCTOR WEB Antivirus blocking you when a transition link. To avoid this, you need to add the site to the trusted. Antivirus block any, looks like a referral, link.

What are the benefits of our affiliate program?

When a resource is moving by you specifically, you actively post a link to the ad inventory – a good income is passive, it does not require any investments. And if you do it from time to time, the percentage would be at the same rate to fall to your account. Agree, it’s nice anyway?

How much revenue is waiting for you?

Your income will be 10% of the amount invested given by you the customer. Cash withdrawal commission for any payment system is paid by you. On average it is 3-7% of the amount withdrawn. Withdrawals can be to Yandex.Money wallet, a bank card or a Russian bank in Ukraine. Minimum withdrawal amount – 1000 rubles.


We have a young developing team that makes every effort to achieve success. A success for us – the result of our service, including guaranteed payment and the effective conversion of traffic.

What you need for a successful start?

You only need a simple registration. It has all the necessary information and promotional materials in your personal account. Your work + our support = guaranteed income! By joining us, you can achieve a stable income.

Connect to an honest and profitable affiliate program!

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