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  • Free Without publishing
  • 32 free templates
  • Manage application
  • Access to all application modules
  • Access to application editor
  • Access to analytics tool
  • Support
  • Financial management (invoices, purchase orders, etc.)


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  • Manage created application
  • Publication under our developer account name
  • PUSH-notifications
  • Access to all application modules
  • Access to application editor
  • Access to analytics tool
  • Support
  • Financial management (invoices, purchase orders, etc.)
  • *Payment for the year


30* $ /M Read more
  • Each application is created
  • Publication under your developer account (or under our for a fee)
  • 32 free templates
  • Create and delete applications
  • Manage application
  • PUSH-notifications
  • Access to all application modules
  • Access to application editor
  • Promotion of application
  • Access to analytics tool
  • User Management application
  • Support
  • Financial management (invoices, purchase orders, etc.)
  • * Payment for the year and availability of Developer Account

Why are we better than others?


Create applications for Android, iOS, and even the web application.


Establish contacts with customers via notifications.

Try for free

Create for free, pay only for publication in the app stores.

Cloud store

Your applications are stored on a secure server, and easily accessible.

Booking module

Possibility of booking and ordering services and products for customers.


Track statistics of your applications and users.

Without coding

You don't need knowledge of programming languages.

Customize pages

Create pages with the required blocks: text, photo, video, etc.


We will publish your app to the Apple and Android stores.

Choose your role

Start your business Mobile apps developer
  • Creation and promotion of effective mobile application.
  • You don't need any special knowledge.
  • A lot of templates.
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Manage application Client of our company
  • We create a mobile app for you.
  • You manage your application.
  • You get all analytics, and contact with customers in a single click.
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Frequently asked questions

What is an Excellentmobileapps builder?

It’s a platform for creating mobile apps without any technical knowledge. Having a number of free templates from which you can create your app even without programming skills, just with patience and hard work. The best designers of mobile applications – we are among them.

How to make a mobile app yourself?

You can create different types of mobile applications, such as applications for restaurants, hotels, service centers, etc. We provide cross-platform development, based on existing templates, but you can upload your template or fix available to fit your needs. This means that creating one app, you get the entire 3 – for Android, iOS and the web application. You don’t need knowledge in programming, but you can always order the development of mobile applications.

How much does it cost?

You can create your application for free, you have to pay only when you want to publish your application. The cost of creating 0 dollars, practice all you want, we do not limit the test period. The fee is taken only for the publication, it is not charged each month or year, just at the moment when your application is completely done and you want to publish it. There is a delay for 1 year, i.e. payment monthly. With payment for the year you get a discount.

Can I edit an application after publication?

Yes. Your application will be automatically updated when you make changes. The only thing that you can not be changed without re-publication are: the application icon, run the boot (splash screen), application name, application description, categories and keywords, address of the mobile website.

Templates examples

Templates for beauty shops

Very good templates for mobile applications designed specifically for beauty salons. The use of them so simple that anyone can create a mobile app with a share of desire.

In this category, two templates that can be used. Create your mobile application and go with the time!


Start now

Mobile app for club

This template is very popular for entertainment centers. Many people do not realize how much popular contacts at clubs, and if there is a chance to communicate outside the club? This is a guaranteed increase of attendance. Imagine that you can throw off the program tonight, thousands of visitors. Maybe they all respond? We’ll have to expand. Mobile application way to expand your business.


Do it!

Mobile app for your business

It seems not very nice? No, just very versatile and customizable. You can use almost any kind of activity, a mobile application for sales of tractors, or needles. That’s your way to communicate with customers. The mobile application has become an integral part of your business. If you’re not online, you haven’t business. If tomorrow you don’t have a mobile application, you have been forgotten! Start to create a mobile app today. Use our mobile app builder.



Mobile app for taxi, create your own Uber.

This mobile application template can be used for any kind of taxi, freight or passenger. Today, it has become traditionally to order a taxi through a mobile application, but not all of the city and not all companies have their own mobile ordering app. Be the first in your city. Create a mobile application like an UBER. If you do not know what it is, look it in any applications store. Almost complete interaction passenger and the taxi driver.



Get now for free!

Mobile app for fitness centers, sport school, treners!

Today, a mobile application for the fitness center, not a luxury! But rather a necessity. Creating a mobile application in the constructor is very cheap compared to the benefit that you can get. Programs of trainings, sport food, anything that will draw your customers in your business. Think now, and if it is difficult, order the development of mobile applications to our company.


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Mobile app for pizzeria, cafe, restaurants.

This mobile application template can be used for any public catering, the possibility of a mergering with a website are endless. A little effort and your mobile application will see all of your guests. Understand that the phone is always in the hands of modern man. The shortest way to the heart of your guests. Оovertake your competitors , do your business a success.



Start now!

Online shop mobile app.

Create a complete application for a mobile store by integration with the site on WooCommerce.

Through API WooCommerce quickly and easily integrate existing WooCommerce Shop within the app. The application interacts directly with your e-shop for customer information, order goods. The best designers of mobile applications, the best templates!


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Individual developer

Create applications for themselves and for sale

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Company client

Manage your application

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Today on the Internet more than 5 000 000 applications

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51% of the Internet traffic belongs to mobile devices

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Mobile apps templates for any kind of business!

Car rental
Pet Shops
Rental of property
Taxi service
Photo studios

Bars and cafes
Spa salons
Beauty Salons
Online shopping
Business in delivery
Auto services
Towing and recovery services

Sports clubs
Social networks
Medical services
Children’s centers
Art Studios
Consulting companies

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